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Polymer Clay Fish Mosaic – a Video Tutorial
Fish Mosaic Tutorial

Fish Mosaic Tutorial

Visit Polymer Clay Etc. and sign up for the free newsletter and gain access to a free 20 minute video on creating a polymer clay mosaic.


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Thanks for the fish tutorial! I also went on to read a little bit about cha and found out that you live in the same small town as I do!! It’s great to know that such a talent lives so close. I believe I met you at the Art League on day last year. Well you have a fan here and thanks so much for sharing.

Comment by Shelly

No Kidding! Well Shelly, it is a small world for sure. Yes I was at the Art League for many years, for many hours, so up until about November 08, if you stopped in the Yellow House, I would have been there. Thanks for leaving a comment and watching the video. I’d love to teach some more classes at the League. Maybe someday soon.

Comment by Alice Stroppel

That sounds great Alice! I am curious have you met any other clayers in our area? I know that there are some out there because they can wipe out the clay at Michaels during a sale.

Comment by Shelly

Yes, there are a couple that I know of. In fact I had lunch with a clayer the other week and she and another girl have tried to start a guild. Email me at and I’ll see if I can contact her and maybe we can all start a small group. I do think she is out of town this summer, but I’ll try.

Comment by Alice Stroppel

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